Friday, October 23, 2009

Quick Mushroom & Herb Omlette

There isn't a recipe to go along with the post. Everyone knows how to make an omlette. I'm just making a point that a delicious, satisfying omlette is just as quick and easy to prepare as a couple slices of toast slathered in PB or a dish of yogurt covered in fruit.

For this particular omlette, I sauteed mushrooms and onions with olive oil in a small fry pan (or omlette pan). My preparation was easy because I bought my mushrooms pre-sliced and I had half an onion left over that just needed a quick dice. When the vegetables were cooked, I poured a lightly beaten egg over top. I sprinkled it with salt and pepper. I left it to cook gently over medium-low heat. Once most of the liquid was gone and the egg mixture had fluffed up, I folded the sides over to create my "folded side" omlette. You could also add some cheese before folding. The liquid doesn't need to be completely gone because once you fold it, the heat will continue to cook the egg. Sprinkle with an herb of your choice and serve with whatever you would like. Today I used some shaved black forest ham.

In total this preparation took 10 minutes, most of it unattended. While my omlette was cooking I was able to unload and re-load my dishwasher and take some clothes out of the dryer. Yesterday I prepared a similar omlette while I was getting ready for work. I plated it into a glass "to go" container and ate it once I got to the office.

Quick, easy, filling and delicious!

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