About the Blog

Why did I create this blog?

I'm a Food TV junkie and have been experimenting in the kitchen for a few years. Sometimes the results are good; sometimes not. Lately I have been more interested in healthy, wholesome, natural, traditional, local and sustainable cooking and eating. I'm concerned about what is in my food, how it's made and where it comes from. What better way to ensure you're getting good, REAL food, than to make it yourself!?

This is a *mostly* processed food free blog. I'm working towards completely processed food free, but I won't hold my breath!

What is my Food Philosophy?

What I cook and eat should be:

* locally grown or produced (when possible)
* unrefined and unprocessed
* real and natural
* humanely raised, sustainable, environmentally responsible

Nearly all of my recipes are based on these food philosophies. When possible, this is how I choose to manage my own kitchen and my own home cooking. When it comes to eating out, I am not super vigilant but I try to make the best choice, with the philosophies in mind.

*Recipes posted prior to mid-2010 may not follow all the above principles. Make substitutions for healthier options where you see fit.

Why do I cook this way?

*Because I care about my health and well being.
*Because health and well being isn't only about fat and calories.
*Because the processed & refined North American diet does not always agree with my digestive system.
*Because buying local supports my community and my local economy
*Because cooking at home, using fresh, natural, wholesome ingredients is tasty.
*Because experimenting in the kitchen is fun and rewarding.

What have I eliminated from my diet?

The short answer is nothing. I still eat everything out there EXCEPT margarine and unfermented soy products. I use "better" products and try to reduce my intake of "bad" products. I use organic whenever I can and try to get grass-fed or pasture raised meat, eggs and dairy (when I can find it and afford it). I avoid processed foods. I don't (usually) use refined flour, rice or sugar. I eat more vegetables, especially leafy ones. I eat more fish and seafood. I eat carbs, but they are usually GOOD carbs, derived from vegetables and healthy whole grains. I use butter. I eat chocolate. I eat ice cream. I don't drink alcohol often, but I still drink alcohol. I don't count calories or grams of fat. I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. I try to do and enjoy everything in moderation.

I eat lots. I eat often. I eat well.

If you live in the Greater Vancouver area and are looking for resources for humanely raised meat and dairy, check my post here.

What Else?

I'm a single gal, often cooking for one. Most of my recipes are adjusted to serve two because that is how I cook at home - enough for me and enough for one serving of left overs. If you need more, just double the ingredients.

When I cook, I don't usually follow recipes closely. Like Michael Smith says, a recipe is merely words on paper; a guideline, a starting point from which to improvise". I add a dash of this here or eliminate a pinch of that there. I substitute this herb for that herb or this veggie for that veggie. I guesstimate weights and measurements of many things. As a result it's often difficult to share the recipe with others because I don't always know what or how much of something is in what I make (soup recipes are a good example). It's a good way to cook and it's a fun way to cook. Use the recipes as a suggestion, not a rule.


This isn't a diet blog. It's a cooking blog. Everything posted here is based on my own experiences with food, diet and health and my own food philosophies. I have no diet recommendations or advice to give. I can tell you that if you change the way you cook and what you eat, you will feel better and feeling better leads to looking better.

Hey, What about the photography?

All the photos posted on this site are original and taken by me, unless otherwise specified. Please don't use them without my permission.
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