Monday, February 22, 2010

Cooking & Prep How To's

I woke up early today and spent quite a bit of time searching YouTube for cooking "How To" videos. I have started a "How To" library. Most of the How To's are things I often do or talk about on this site. Some (like how to shuck an oyster) are things I have yet to do but would like to try. If you have any suggestions for what else can be added, let me know.

Looking for cooking terms? This site has a very extensive list.

- How to Seed a Tomato

- How to make a Cosmopolitan (Mix one up then watch the rest of the videos!

- How to chiffonade herbs

- How to butterfly shrimp

- How to shuck an oyster

- How to dice vegetables and more precisely, how to large dice vegetables and how to small dice vegetables.

- How to dice an onion

- How to julienne

- How to cut a bell pepper

- How to segment a citrus fruit (also called Supreming)

- How to seed a pomegranate

- How to fold a wonton

- How to fold a spring roll

- How to remove pin bones from fish

- How to open a bottle of wine and what to do if you break the cork, which I do quite often.

- How to open Champagne

- How to poach an egg

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