About Jill


I'm Jill.

I'm 32 years old, I live in Vancouver, British Columbia and I squint in photographs.

Here are 10 random things about me:

1. I was named after Jillian Coleridge, a character on the 70’s soap opera, Ryan’s Hope.
2. I have a thing for 80’s brat pack movies.
3. The first cassette I can remember owning is Color Me Bad.
4. Before that I had Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and Aerosmith records.
5. My first CD was The Beavis & Butthead Experience; it was a gift.
6. I used to have a life size cardboard cut out of James Dean. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
7. I have Amblyopia aka lazy eye in my right eye. It was diagnosed when I was a toddler and I had corrective operations when I was three and again at nine. It is only noticeable now when I am tired or drunk.
8. I like to buy myself flowers. I like to have fresh, bright coloured gerbera daisies in my bathroom and a bright bouquet of anything on my kitchen bar counter.
9. If you’d like to buy me flowers, I like tulips, gerbera daisies, sunflowers… actually, if you’re going to buy me flowers I’ll take anything.
10. In my attempts to be a cool, rebellious youth, I took a can of Coors Light to school in grade 9 and took a sip in front of my friends (then chucked the rest when they weren’t looking).

Here are 10 more things:

11. I have eaten McDonald's food in France, China, Mexcio, Canada, US and the airport in London.
12. I am a Virgo.
13. My favourite slurpie is Root beer.
14. My favourite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip.
15. In my lifetime I’ve lived in two cities and four houses. I’ve gone to six schools, including colleges. I've had two “real”, long term jobs and four temporary jobs. I've owned two cars. You could say I'm a creature of habit.
16. I like to eat everything except lamb, blue cheese and organ meat.
17. I have traveled to 6 countries, 10 American states and 4 Canadian provinces. Along with that, I've taken a dip in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Cortez.
18. If I didn’t live at the top of a huge hill, I would ride my bike to work. I live across the street from work now so I walk daily!
19. I am full of excuses.
20. I’m a terrible list maker. I don’t just mean to-do lists or grocery lists. I write lists for absolutely EVERYTHING. My most recent list is “Big Ticket Items I want to Buy Myself”. I also have “Books I Want to Read”, “Clothes I want for Summer” and “Places I Want to Travel with my Future Husband”.

And 10 things about my kitchen:

(Updated June 2012)

1. I bought my own home in 2012 and now have my very own kitchen!
2. I hate my counter tops, sink, faucet and major appliances!
3. As soon as it's in my budget, I'm replacing my counter tops, sink, faucet and major appliances!
4. I own too many small appliances. In alphabetical order: Blender, Bread Maker, Crock Pot (mini), Drink Mixer, Electric Fondue Pot, Electric Indoor Grill, Electric Tea Kettle, Food Processor, Food Dehydrator, Hand Mixer, Immersion Blender, Magic Bullet, Pasta Maker (Ron Popeil's Automatic!), Rice cooker, Slow cooker, Spice Grinder, Stand Mixer, Tassimo Beverage System, Toaster oven. Thank goodness for all that cabinet space!
5. My spice cupboard is organized alphabetically.
6. I love my cast iron skillet.
7. My fridge is small. My stove is electric.
8. I have decent knives but would kill for some Wusthof's.
9. I try to always have fresh parsley and chives.
10. My freezer is jammed full and I'm not exactly sure what is in there.

And a few things about food, because I can't come up with 10...

1. I love all Asian food, especially Thai.
2. My last meal would be baked meat lasagna, Caesar salad, garlic bread and lots of wine.
3. I could live off stuffing and mashed potatoes.
4. The first thing I ever cooked myself was sweet and sour meatball stew.
5. When I was a kid we ate lots of beans & franks, macaroni and franks and hot dogs (aka franks).
6. I could live without candy, cake and donuts but take away ice cream and I would suffer.
7. Baking is for sissies and Grandma's. (Hi, Grandma!)
8. My ultimate favourite food is seafood, any kind, especially crustaceans and mollusks (aka: crab, lobster, musses, clams, oysters, scallops).
9. I like my steak cooked medium.


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