Friday, June 25, 2010

My Favourite Kitchen Tools - Part Two: Appliances

My list of "must have" kitchen tools continues with... Appliances! See Part One.

1. Magic Bullet Blender - I have a mini food processor and a full size blender but I always come back to my bullet. Compact, powerful and easy to clean.

2. Rice Cooker - Perfect rice, every time, without burning the bottom of your pan. (Yes, I do that.)

3: Immersion Blender - Great for blending soups & sauces right in the pan. Saves time and clean up.

4. Slow Cooker - Soups, stews, pot roasts, shredded braised beef... perfect for winter comfort foods and perfect for a busy work week. Put everything in the crock pot, turn it on before you head to work and dinner is ready when you get home!

5. Electric Tea Kettle - (Cordless is best!) I use mine at least once every day. It boils water in a minute or less. Great to have for a quick cup of tea before I head to work.

What are your favourite applicances?


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