Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Favourite Kitchen Tools - Part One: Gadgets

Being a kitchen cowgirl rather than an expert cook, I don't always use the right utensil for the job or use a utensil the way it is intended to be use. I do have a few favourites that I tend to stick with, no matter what I'm making. These are my go-to gadgets.

1. Silicone Locking Tongs - Heat resistant to 575 degrees F and extremely handy when cooking meat.

2. Silicon Spoon - My prefered tool for soups, sauces and stir fries.

3. Whiskie (Mini Whisk) - A silly, kitchy gadget but one I use ALL THE TIME. I love Whiskie! For eggs, sauces, dressings... you name it.

4. Microplane Grater/Zester - Grate hard cheese, nutmeg or chocolate and zest citrus with speed and ease.

5. Fine Mesh Strainer - Strain soups, sauces and rinse your quinoa. (Laura Calder has it on her list of top tools to have in a French kitchen!)

What are your favourite gadgets?

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