Friday, March 5, 2010

Avatarts (aka: Pudding Tarts)

Every year my family holds an Oscar party. We all get together to eat appies, play movie trivia and watch the Oscars together. Last year we started "themed" appies; making our appetizers themed to some of the nominated movies and actors. We are going with themed appies again this year, but the theme has to be one of the ten best picture nominees.

My first submission is Avatarts (for Avatar).

The recipe is poached from a Kraft Foods Jell-O Pudding Pie recipe. My cousin affectionately calls this "White Trash Pie" because it is so ridiculously easy and cheap to throw together. Normally you would use a pre-made graham or oreo cookie pie crust but since I am making tarts, I used frozen sweet tart shells, baked them according to package directions, then filled them with the pudding mix. Still very simple and fun!

The recipe for Jell-O Pudding Pie is here. I didn't follow the recipe quite to spec. I made TWO packets of vanilla pudding, according to package directions then added SIXTY drops of blue food colouring. I started with thirty but after adding the Cool Whip, the colour faded quite a bit so I had to add more colour. Next time I might try gel colour pastes. I added 1/2 the container of Cool Whip to the pudding and mixed it all together, rather than layering it into the tart shells. Then I spooned it all into a decorator bag fitted with a wide tip and filled the tart shells.

Quick, fun, easy and I'm sure kids will love the quirky colouring!

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