Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tuna Salad Rice Cake

Today's lunch... tuna on a rice cake topped with sprouts. Later on I added some cheddar cheese and made a tuna rice cake melt. Delicious!

- 1 can sustainably caught tuna (Raincoast Trading is the best!)
- 1 tbsp greek yogurt
- 1 tbsp sour cream
- salt & pepper to taste
- any additional mix-ins to suit your fancy (chopped onion, chives, green onion, celery, pickle etc.) I like my tuna plain.
- 2 plain, unsalted brown rice cakes
- Any sprouts of your choice. I used alfalfa but pea shoots and broccoli sprouts are great too.

1. Drain tuna well and add to a medium bowl.

2. Mix in yogurt, sour cream, salt and pepper and any other additions you've chosen. Stir together to mix well.

3. Top each rice cake with about 2 tablespoons of tuna mixture and spread to coat the top evenly.

4. Place sprouts on top of tuna.

5. Add thin sliced cheddar cheese, if desired, and place in toaster oven until slightly melted.

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