Thursday, June 7, 2012

New(ish) Food Outlook - Paleo Eating

Here I am, back with more excuses! In the six months since I've been absent from my blog, I bought a house, moved and started another job. Lots of changes and very busy.

My food and diet profile has also changed. While I am still into healthy, wholesome, natural, fresh, local etc. etc., I am also more interested in the Paleo way of eating. The Paleo diet is grain free, sugar free, gluten free and dairy free. It is based around the hunter-gatherer lifestyle of our paleolithic ancestors and is sometimes referred to as the "Caveman diet". Less emphasis on grains and dairy and more emphasis on plants and animals. As always, mine is a modified approach, and I have not eliminated anything completely from my diet. Instead, I am making a concerted effort to use alternative ingredients. Instead of cow's milk and yogurt, I have been enjoying almond milk and cultured coconut milk (coconut yogurt) in my daily smoothie. Instead of cheese and crackers for snacks I have fruit, veggies, hard boiled eggs or some deli meat. I've upped my protein intake through lean meats, poultry, fish and eggs, and lowered my refined carb intake by greatly reducing my intake of grains, breads, pasta and other related items. I have really started focusing and increased my efforts over the last couple weeks so there have been no physical changes yet, but I hope to use the blog to post some of the new recipes I've been enjoying.

If you are interested in the Paleo way of eating, do a Google search on "Paleo Diet". One blog I find particularly interesting and helpful is Rubies and Radishes. The author, Arsy, has written some very informative posts on the topic. As well, this article from Newsweek magazine may be of interest.

Why the Campaign to Stop America's Obesity Crisis Keeps Failing, in Newsweek, via The Daily Beast.

I will be back soon with a delicious Tropical BBQ Chicken recipe that is great on its own or in a salad.

If you have any tips on Paleo eating or any great recipes, let me know.

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  1. Paleo? Really? This saddens me...I'm not convinced it is the be all and end all, just like veganism, atkins, or any other diet that eliminates major food sources. On the surface, lots of claims sound good, but that's what all diet plans/books do. Ultimately if it makes you happy and you can stick to it, there isn't necessarily any harm in it.


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