Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Canning with Grandma

Last week I joined my cousin and my Grandmother for a lesson on beet canning. My Grandma is an expert in home canning. Every year she cans beets, tomatoes, peaches salmon, jams, pickles... you name it! The Pickles in a Bucket recipe came from her. She also makes THE best canned tomatoes. They are perfect for a quick, homemade tomato sauce and even better for tomato soup. Pictures from tomato canning will come at a later time, along with Gram's recipe. Right now, it's all about BEET PICKLES!

Grandma's recipe book

Beet Pickles (Click to enlarge to see her brine recipe).

Grandma doesn't believe in using rubber gloves. I think she even rolled her eyes at me when I asked where here gloves were.

Cousin Tobe learning from the best.

Grandma hasn't bought new canning jars in years!

Canned beet pickles!

Fresh out of the water bath canner.

Cousin Tobe with her finished product!

After letting the jars rest overnight, then removing the rings, the beets are shelved for at least a month before enjoying. Tobe says she eats the pickled beets as a snack, right out of the jar or chopped up on salads. You can add them to a veggie or antipasti platter for a delicious party treat! The finished Beet Pickles are so delicious - not too sour and not too sweet. They are the perfect mix.

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  1. What a beautiful time with family. Canning with Grandma. Priceless! Wonderful captures, too. (Visiting from Tuesday Twister.)

  2. That is totally a Best of Bridge cookbook, isn't it? Sounds like you had some fun times canning with your Grandma.

  3. Katie - Thank you!

    Marianne - I think it is. She writes notes and recipes in the back.

  4. Katie, What is your Grandmother's recipe? Karen


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