Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shopping Adventures

Yesterday Marianne and I went to Organic World's Specialty Meats to see what they had to offer. A couple of my co-workers had told me good things about Organic World and the reviews on Yelp were very positive so I was excited to check it out. Thankfully, the reviews and recommendations did not disappoint.

I picked up 4 organic, boneless, skinless chicken breast (2 marinated) and 1 lb of organic lean ground beef for the whopping price of $16 and change. The beef was $2.20. The chicken was about $7 per package, only a dollar or so more than the cost for non-organic chicken at a conventional grocery store.

Organic World has a huge selection of fresh and frozen meat, poultry, cold cuts and seafood. They even have game meat. Marianne picked up some Bison Pepperoni and Bison Cheese & Jalapeno Smokies (only $3.99)! Great prices, great selection, great quality.

Organic World's Specialty Meats
22268 Dewdney Trunk Road
Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3H9
(604) 476-0717

* * * * *

Next up was a visit to the Trout Lake Farmers Market in East Vancouver. It was crowded when we got there just after 9am. I immediately got in line for heirloom tomatoes from Celyddon Farms. Marianne wandered over to another booth to pick up farm fresh asparagus (the first of the season). I also picked up some green onions and rhubarb and a tub of Bean Boy Creations Organic Hummus (Smokey Tomato Chipotle flavour)!

The best part of the market was all the organic herb & plant vendors. I bought an italian parsley plant, a curly parsley plant, two basil plants, one Thai basil plant, three strawberry plants and one container of assorted lettuce plants. Prices varied from booth to booth but I think I did well in the deal department.

Lettuce Container Flat and Curly Pasley Italian Basil and Thai Basil

Trout Lake Farmers Market
North Parking Lot of John Hendry Park
3300 Victoria Drive (At E. 15th Ave)
Vancouver, B.C.
Saturdays 9am - 2pm

All in all it was shopping success. Next Sunday I hope to visit the Coquitlam Farmers Market.

And... more recipes coming soon, including a strawberry rhubarb crisp and an heirloom cherry tomato salad!

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  1. Hmmm...I see a strawberry rhubarb crisp in my future as well. How weird!


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