Sunday, November 14, 2010

Garbage Plate Breakfast

A long time ago I saw an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives featuring Frank's Diner and the Chorizo Garbage Plate Special. The premise of the breakfast entrée is that you take whatever you have in your fridge, load it up on top of a bed of grilled hash browns and crack an egg or two on top. Voila! Complete breakfast in one plan and you've cleaned out your fridge a bit in the process.

My Garbage Plate started with a bed of cube hash browns, half a chopped red onion and a bit of chopped red pepper. I cooked it in a cast iron fry pan with a bit of oil and a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper. Any left over veggie will do. Throw in any left over meat you have (ham and sausage are great!). Add some fresh (or dried) herbs or other seasonings of your choice. It's my favourite type of recipe - ANYTHING GOES. Make the Garbage Plate based on what you have and what you like. When your hash browns are cooked and your veggie additions are tender, crack an egg or two on top of the mess and mix it all up. Heat until the egg is cooked through. Top with some shredded cheese. Eat. It's like a breakfast stir fry. And it's GOOD!


  1. I would totally eat that without the eggs. In fact, I do. We call it hash :)

  2. I always used to have either hash browns sandwiched in bread, or scrambled eggs with onions and spices but never occurred to me to just mix it all up.

    This recipe is awesome, does wonders to morning breakfast. Wish there were more recipes as simple as this one.

    Also tastes great (and healthy) if you add some 'mix vegetables' (they are in the frozen vegetables section of most grocery stores) in case there are no leftovers :)


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