Monday, February 8, 2010

Cookies & Ice Cream

Last year, 10cent posted about a Dairy Free & Soy Free ice cream, made from coconut milk. The product had instant appeal to me since I'm trying to reduce my dairy intake and I have a strong disdain for most things soy based (aside from natural soy beans). Coconut milk ice cream seemed too good to be true.

I was at Whole Foods yesterday and finally located the coveted coconut milk ice cream. Made by Turtle Mountain, in my neck of the woods it is called "So Delicious" instead of "Purely Decadent" for some reason. This luscious treat contains SIX ingredients (Michael Pollan would be pleased) and is sweetened with Agave syrup which is perfect for the diabetic ice cream loving contingent of my family. The texture is so light and creamy, almost like soft serve. I hate hard ice cream so this is absolutely divine. Mint Chip is my favourite!

For an extra special treat, I topped my ice cream with a little gluten free chocolate chip cookie, made by KinniKinnick Foods. Made with pea starch, the Montanas Chocolate Chip Cookies are the BEST gluten free cookies I have ever tasted. The taste and texture is very similar to Dad's Chocolate Chip Cookies and for gluten free, that is a pretty good comparison. Unfortunately these are not "health food" cookies, so one or two every once in a while does a craving just fine.

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